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Christmas loot . . . - Victoria Page is dead. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Christmas loot . . . [Dec. 25th, 2009|11:50 pm]
 Christmas loot:

Red ski band
Flarp (YES!!!!!)
6 Venus Embrace cartridges
M&M Minis
Carton of Whoppers
Cute dice game called "Toss Up!"
Huge ass thing of Nerds
Fuzzy socks!!!

From Susan:
Lucille Ball calendar
Mini pumpkin pie candle
"A Lion Among Men" by Gregory Maguire

$25 from Grandparents

$25 to FYE from Jeff & Kathy

From parents:
Family Guy 2 pack: "Blue Harvest" and "Something, Something, Something Dark Side"
$200 on a Wachovia debit card
Olympus camera with 8 GB memory drive
A really cute I Love Lucy book with sound
15.4" MACBOOK PRO!!!!!!

Going to Ohio in 2 weeks to see Denver. Got him HERCULES on DVD (only Disney movie he doesn't have on DVD), Revert cologne, and a Isotonic mattress topper.  I have his old Aeropostale hoodie which smells like him . . .mmm . . .I miss him. Sucks that my boyfriend lives in Ohio . . .but whatever . . .

Went caroling with the Ivy Mountain gang on Tuesday and had the Ballard Christmas bash on Wednesday. 
Doot doot doo . . .

Buying a coat and some jeans with that $200, and if I have any left, I'm getting more of those Singer's Musical Theatre Anthology books . . .I just have Vol. 4 of the Mezzo/Belter books. Need to get the 5 volumes for soprano and the other 4 volumes of mezzo/belter. Those are some GREAT books!!!

Watching I LOVE LUCY/bed time!!!

[User Picture]From: stella8h8chang
2009-12-28 11:15 am (UTC)
Niiiiiice! Yay for the Macbook! Also - please let me know what A Lion Among Men is like once you are finished with it :)
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