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NYE Festivities [Jan. 1st, 2010|08:16 pm]
 Last night was probably the best NYE celebration ever.

Went over to the Ballard Manor and devoured homemade pizzas, watched people play Rummy, and then played Cranium (which my team lost horribly at - got really bad luck when it came to questions). Champagne toast at midnight, played a drinking game to "Love Actually" - every time they said "love," "shit," or "fuck"; every time the theme played; every time someone cried. Was down a bottle of Mike's Hard Spiced Apple and half a glass of Captain Morgan and Coca Cola . . .then proceeded to watch Robin Williams: Weapons of Self Destruction. Nice . . .then approx. 4 AM we all went to bed. Woke up the next morning to "Hey! We have sweet rolls and we have stuff to make omelets." Mmmm . . .

All of this was with people I love being around. The Ballard family, Laura, Clayton, Chris, Anne, Kip, Bethany, Eric, and Christina . . .:-D

Wellll . . .I'm doing the semi-annual "thorough" clean and throw away half the crap that's in my room thing . . .and watching/listening to movies in the process . . .made it through 3 "I Love Lucy" episodes, "It's Always Fair Weather, "Kismet," and 30 minutes of "Oklahoma!"

Hopefully going out tomorrow with the sisters to do some shopping. Need new character shoes, new coat, new jeans, and maybe just some stupid buys . . .we shall see.

Happy 2010!