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der humpink [Mar. 15th, 2010|04:53 pm]
 This past week has been really good. I mean really, really good.

Well, Denver and I are still good friends. The most important part of our relationship was friendship. I mean, we were friends to begin with. We're basically the same around each other except we don't kiss each other anymore. Meh.

Saturday-Wednesday of my Spring Break was basically spent with the Ballards. After coming back from NATS, we went to see "Peter Pan" at HHS. Quite amazing - Brandon was Captain Hook, and a girl named Sarah Lewis played Peter. She had this spectacular voice - and she's only a sophomore. I turned to James after she sang her first number and said, "All right - we need her for Ivy Mountain this summer." I think we've got her! Out to dinner and watched "Role Models" with the boys. Sunday, I slept in and then watched the Oscars with Dana and the boys. Lots of wooting when Christoph Waltz (whom I have a gigantic crush on) won for Best Supporting Actor. Monday was the start of another round of "Into the Woods" except this time I play Florinda, one of the stepsisters. It will be nice to actually relax during the show - but it bugs me that people can't count music. Maybe I'm just being anal and think before you have a music session you should, I don't know, actually LISTEN to the cast recording that was given to you! If I get a part in a show I'm not extremely familiar with - I listen to the fucking recording so I know what it's supposed to sound like . . .gah. Umm . . .Tuesday - James and I got a lot of early planning for doing his show this summer. The good thing is that we don't have to pay royalties/rentals. Basically, our only big expense is renting a space - which hopefully won't be more than $1,000. I don't think it should be anymore than that - mostly because it's not a big space and because the owners know me very well. So, we're co-directing this year - I think that will be a lot of fun. It will take a load off of both of us (he directed "Reefer", I directed "Woods"). I don't want to "take over" his piece - but I don't want him to be overloaded with the direction - so I think we can share it this year. Wednesday, after another ITW rehearsal, movie night with the boys - watched "Inglourious Basterds" and I finally saw "Up."  "Basterds" is so much better the second go 'round - and because I wasn't hopped up on Benadryl and anti-biotics, I actually made it through without dozing through the tavern scene - which boggled me because I was riveted to the screen the entire movie. "Up" is absolutely adorable. Thursday, Friday, Saturday was basically chilling around the house - watched "Precious" with my family - very good movie. Gabourey Sidibe is phenomenal, as is Mo'Nique. She totally deserved that Oscar!

Today - I've had some really good classes. Starting work on my classical pieces for Burkey - one of which is the Seguedille from "Carmen" and I've also got a German piece and a Mozart piece. I got an A+ on my "Superman" textual analysis for Dr. Mike, and got some ideas for my next two papers for the class. I sang a selection from L5Y for Burkey's voice class (she picked it - not me!). And now, I'm chilling in the Mac Lab and just watched Christoph Waltz handle a leopard and an otter. Going to Red Lobster and then to see "Alice in Wonderland" with Thomas, whom I haven't seen in AGES!!!

So, yeah, life is good.